SFLIC is actively monitoring the unprecedented COVID-19 virus situation. We are committed to serving the needs of our customers, while maintaining the safety of our employees and customers … our affiliated funeral homes, agents, and policyowners. For more information.

May 2020 Articles

Image representing the SFLIC announces 60th Anniversary blog post

SFLIC announces 60th Anniversary

Hot Springs, Arkansas – May 1, 2020 – SFLIC is pleased to announce its 60th business anniversary this year. Since being founded by a group of Arkansas funeral directors in 1960, SFLIC has grown to become a leading regional insurer for funeral homes, offering life insurance products to meet the needs of their communities’ individuals and families.  

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Image representing the SFLIC announces COVID-19 Pledge to the Funeral Service Foundation blog post

SFLIC announces COVID-19 Pledge to the Funeral Service Foundation

The Funeral Service Foundation has created a fund to respond to the COVID-19 situation. SFLIC is pleased to announce we are joining the cause by making a pledge to the COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund. This fund provides immediate support for funeral providers, individuals, and families who have been directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. SFLIC applauds the Funeral Service Foundation for stepping up and providing the much-needed emergency assistance and grief support for those in crisis and we are pleased to be a part of this initiative.

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Image representing the COVID-19 Update for Funeral Professionals blog post

COVID-19 Update for Funeral Professionals


We at SFLIC recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented event, and we take this situation very seriously. We have been monitoring this coronavirus emergency from the beginning of the national and state announcements, and as it has been evolving. SFLIC continues to take a series of precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus and maintain our services to our customers and clientele … the funeral profession, our policyowners, and the agents who serve your customers.  

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