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Proctor Funeral Home Photo

"Thank you for all your assistance with our special marketing program. The response was overwhelming and far exceeded our expectations...The program was truly a hit in our community. Many thanks for helping us implement this very fine program that I would unequivocally recommend to any of our [SFLIC] affiliated funeral homes."

Smith Family Photo

"Davis Funeral Home, now Davis-Smith Funeral Home, has been affiliated with Selected Funeral and Life Insurance Company from day one of SFLIC’s beginning in 1960. The original reason our firm associated with SFLIC was to provide an additional funeral insurance policy to support our burial association. As with all burial associations, at the time, our association had a maximum coverage of $500.00. As with everything, funeral costs had risen, and this would give our families an affordable means of protection. 

Through the years, the funeral industry changed dramatically, and we saw SFLIC continuously changing with the times. Different and updated insurance products were made available to their affiliated funeral homes. The Concept III policy would provide excellent increasing death benefits policies with the additional benefit of child riders to protect a family. Annuity and Limited Pay Insurance policies gave support to the increasing needs of funding preneed funeral plans. 

About preneed funeral plans, our funeral home utilizes SFLIC’s Direct Mailout service. Our preneed program has grown rapidly and has become our strong point. Direct Mailout puts our funeral home in front of the consumer and has helped immensely in generating leads for our agent. For the past eighteen years, Davis-Smith Funeral Home has been number one in sales of preneed products for SFLIC. That success can be attributed to our outstanding agent, SFLIC’s Direct Mailout service, and our funeral home’s wonderful staff who have made our firm’s reputation a positive one in the communities we serve.

Another program that has helped our firm is the Selected Seminar Series. It provides interesting speakers and programs which keep our firm up to date with everything in our ever-changing industry. It also provides us a means of completing our continuing education requirements. In 2016, SFLIC sponsored the NFDA Certified Crematory Operators program with expert Mike Nicodemus. As with all funeral homes, our cremation rate is increasing exponentially, and we attended for information only.  After listening to Mike and having some personal time with him afterward, we began to consider our future. We put plans into effect and opened our own crematory facility nine months later. It has proven to be one of the best things we have done and credit that to being at that SFLIC seminar.

When our family purchased the funeral home from Marlin and Louise Davis in 1989, we were not obligated to continue our relationship but had no reason to think of leaving SFLIC. SFLIC had been a vital part of this funeral home and had served it well for almost 30 years.

It has proven to be a good decision!"

Sanders Johnson, CPC, SFLIC Career Sales Representative

"When I walked into the offices of SFLIC in January 2001, I had no idea how uniquely different this company was and continues to be even today. The philosophy of the leadership was one of supporting the good reputations of the funeral homes that we serve, yet a willingness to go the extra mile for the agents and the individual policyowners. All-inclusive, no one left behind, very much like a family!

Over the years I have developed relationships with people, past, and present who not only have been a pleasure to work with but also who I am proud to call friends.

I never saw this coming but I feel blessed to have experienced SFLIC, a premier life insurance company because of its people. SFLIC is committed to people! Looking for reasons to do right by people rather than searching for ways to get out of their promises."

Mike Estes

"At the end of 2010, I was in need of something different with my career in the insurance business.

During this time, I received word from SFLIC that they were looking for a representative available in the Mississippi area. All the job details were what I had been looking for. On the way to work the following morning, I made the call to SFLIC. I will never forget that morning. From this phone meeting, I was asked to travel to Hot Springs, Arkansas for a company interview. The interview went really well. It just felt right for me. It felt like home.

After this meeting, I was working in the Mississippi delta, and I got a call offering me the job with SFLIC. I was excited and knew this was what I needed and wanted. From that day forward I have never looked back on my decision.

Today, on behalf of SFLIC, I service Mississippi and Arkansas. This career move to SFLIC enables me to bring peace of mind to families knowing that if this family member passes, the family has some protection in place to take care of their final wishes.

I hear stories every day from my customers about having raised money for a service because there was no policy in place. A very special memory I like to share is about a young boy in Mississippi with a silver bucket and a picture of his grandfather on the bucket. His grandfather had passed and he was collecting anything that might help towards a burial. This is where we at SFLIC can help with one of our affordable final expense plans that would have given this young boy and his family peace of mind without worry!

My career move to SFLIC was the right fit for my family and me. This is a family-oriented company that I love with a passion. The best people to work with and important work to do every day."

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