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SFLIC Strong.

SFLIC development Team

Sales Management and Business Development Team.

Trusted, dedicated, and experienced.


The right business “partners” can make all the difference in your funeral home’s business. At SFLIC, we feel your success is our success, too. To learn more about the various levels of affiliations we offer, and the added value we can bring to your business, email or call your state’s Director listed below or our Director of Sales for more information.

SFLIC State Directors


Todd Young

Todd Young, CPC, CFSP, CCO

Arkansas State Director / Vice President
C: 501.627.3366
E: eat0@eau0eav0eaw0


Carol Stanley

Carol Stanley, CPC

Louisiana State Director
C: 501.762.9021
E: eat1@eau1eav1eaw1

Your funeral home’s affiliation with SFLIC brings you the benefits of our long history and tradition of excellent, hard-working products and services combined with a professional, seasoned sales management team that understands the unique challenges of building your business within the caring funeral service environment.


Suzanne Eades

Suzanne Eades, FLMI, CPC

Assistant Director of Sales / Senior Vice President
C: 501.620.9802
E: eat2@eau2eav2eaw2


Beth Henning

Beth Henning, CPC

Oklahoma State Director
C: 405.834.8900
E: eat3@eau3eav3eaw3

SFLIC offers loyalty to our affiliated funeral homes. This enables us to work with you exclusively to secure your funeral home’s market area and assist in growing your business.

SFLIC Director of Sales

Robert Eichelberger

Robert Eichelberger, CPA, CPC, CFSP, CCO

SFLIC Director of Sales / Executive Vice President / Chief Operations Officer
O: 800.272.2087
C: 501.276.0216
E: eat4@eau4eav4eaw4

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