Our Leadership Team

SFLIC Leadership Team

Professional Leadership.

Trusted, dedicated, and experienced.


The right home office support means a trusted relationship with your insurance provider... so critical to serving you well. SFLIC has the professional expertise and dedicated support your funeral home expects and our policyowners need.

SFLIC Leadership


Robert W. Eichelberger, Jr.

T. R. Buddy Courtney, CPC

President & CEO & Chief Financial Officer

Courtney C. Crouch, Jr.

Courtney C. Crouch, Jr., FLMI, CPC

President Emeritus & Chief Investment Officer

Tara E. Mauk Arthur


Executive Vice President & Secretary-Treasurer
Chief Human Resource Officer & Chief Compliance Officer
Chief Operating Officer

Senior Vice Presidents

Randi C. Ballart

Randi C. Ballard, ACS, AIAA, AIRC, CPC

Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing & Creative Services Officer


C. Suzanne Eades, FLMI, ACS, AIAA, CPC

Senior Vice President & Director of Sales

SFLIC relies on a strong management team led by its group of officers. Each officer averages just over 30 years of experience within the insurance industry and 26 years with SFLIC --experience that directly benefits affiliated funeral homes and policyowners to get needs met and the job done right.

Vice Presidents

Deanna L. Harris

Deanna L. Harris, SHRM-CP, FLMI, ACS, AIAA, CPC

Vice President & Assistant Secretary-Treasurer
Human Resource & Payroll Coordinator

Vicki J. Outler

Vicki J. Outler, ACS, CPC

Vice President & Assistant Operations Officer & Underwriter

M. Todd Young

M. Todd Young, CFSP, CCO, CPC

Vice President & Arkansas State Director
Sales Development

Assistant Vice Presidents

Sheila D. Harbin

Sheila D. Harbin, ALMI, ACS, AIAA, CPC

Assistant Vice President & Director, General Accounting

Yolonda G. Thompson

Yolonda G. Thompson, UND, ACS, CPC

Assistant Vice President & Director, New Business


Richard C. Stiles

Richard C. Stiles, CPA

Controller, Finance

Together the various work groups throughout the company support SFLIC’s very focused mission in serving the funeral profession, funeral homes, and its policyowners. We want to be your preferred insurance provider with a deserved reputation of excellence. We invite you to contact us about your needs.

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