Marketing Success.

Let SFLIC help you get more out of your marketing efforts.

SFLIC provides the marketing support required to develop, implement, and maintain a successful insurance program with your affiliated funeral home. Our marketing programs, developed over years of experience in funeral marketing, are designed to promote your funeral home and increase your name recognition in your marketplace. We want your funeral home to be “top of mind” with your consumers — the individuals and families in your area — when the time is needed.

Our creative Marketing and Advertising Division works with the exclusively affiliated funeral home alongside your State Director on special marketing and advertising projects. Our Team works together to analyze your goals and objectives and helps design special outreach and advertising programs that set you apart from the competition.

SFLIC Marketing Team Photo

"Thank you for all your assistance with our special marketing program. The response was overwhelming and far exceeded our expectations...The program was truly a hit in our community. Many thanks for helping us implement this very fine program that I would unequivocally recommend to any of our [SFLIC] affiliated funeral homes."

With an exclusive level affiliation with SFLIC, your funeral home has access to more “added value” creative marketing and advertising designed to help reach and bring more people from your area into your funeral home. Let’s visit about how SFLIC’s creative marketing and advertising team can assist you.

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