Stephenson-Dearman Funeral Home wins awards at recent meeting!

Chuck Dearman, owner, Stephenson-Dearman Funeral Home

Stephenson-Dearman Funeral Home wins awards at recent meeting!

SFLIC recently announced Stephenson-Dearman Funeral Home, Monticello, Arkansas, as the winner of the SFLIC Derby Cup sales competition 2023 – Funeral Home Division and a Silver Level overall sales award for 2022. Stephenson-Dearman Funeral Home has a long history with the Derby Cup competition, winning its first Cup back in 1978.

The awards were presented this May during the SFLIC Annual Stockholders Meeting at Hot Springs, Arkansas. Our congratulations go to the Stephenson-Dearman staff and to 4th generation-owner Charles F. (Chuck) Dearman, Jr., who follows in the footsteps of his late father, Charles F. Dearman, Sr., making the SFLIC Derby Cup and high-level insurance sales production annual achievements.

Stephenson-Dearman Funeral Home has been serving the Monticello area for more than 95 years and was one of the very early affiliated funeral homes in the SFLIC organization. We are proud to be affiliated with this outstanding funeral home as it serves the people of South Arkansas. To hear Chuck Dearman talk about his funeral home’s relationship with SFLIC (Selected), click on the video below.

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