SFLIC announces 62nd Anniversary

Selected Funeral and Life Insurance Company, Superior Funeral and Life Insurance in Mississippi, announces 62nd Anniversary 

Hot Springs, Arkansas – October 3, 2022 – SFLIC is pleased to announce its 62nd business anniversary this month. Since being founded by a group of Arkansas funeral directors in 1960, SFLIC has grown to become a leading regional insurer for funeral homes, offering final expense life insurance and preneed products to meet the needs of their communities’ individuals and families. 

In a recent interview, SFLIC President and CEO Robert W. Eichelberger was asked, “Do you see SFLIC’s ongoing mission to provide insurance as relevant in today’s world?” Eichelberger quickly responded, “Absolutely. We have seen our Company demonstrate this in a stunning way during the Covid pandemic. Since Covid-19 erupted in 2020, SFLIC has paid death claims on about 10% of the people who died with Covid in Arkansas alone (one of the states we serve). That’s relevant! It meets people where they are and at a time when they need to depend on the insurance company in which they have put their trust.” 

When asked, “What are you most impressed with going into SFLIC’s 63rd year,” Eichelberger replied, “We are very proud that as a company we are deeply committed to our affiliated funeral homes and policyowners, as we have been since SFLIC’s very beginnings in 1960. We are proud to be considered a leading insurer in our markets, and work every day to be the premier provider in the states where we conduct business. This is a driving force for our Company.” 

For more information about SFLIC’s insurance program, contact your SFLIC State Director through the corporate office at 800-272-2087 or email via our website. For more about SFLIC’s story, visit "Our Story" page.

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