COVID-19 and Racism

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June 8, 2020

From the SFLIC Chairman of the Board and the President / CEO:

“We at SFLIC join with others across our region to pray for our nation as we continue to deal with the Coronavirus and to deal with the tragedy and unrest evidenced in many cities and communities. We want our policyowners, our affiliated funeral homes and agents, our friends and neighbors to know that we stand for the rights and protections that all individuals deserve equally – part of our American identity and heritage. We stand against racism. We support our law enforcement officers and those organizations that serve a vital role in protecting our families. We appreciate the SFLIC affiliated funeral homes that serve the needs of others every day. Let us pledge to continue to work together to make our region and nation a stronger, better place, wherever and whenever we find opportunity to do so.”

Sumner Brashears, Chairman, SFLIC Board of Directors

Courtney Crouch, Jr., SFLIC President and CEO

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