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SFLIC recognizes the funeral profession is growing and evolving constantly. We pledge to dedicate our resources to help define and achieve your goals. Our Professional Services offer integrated programs that measurably strengthen your business.

These programs include:

  • The Selected Seminar Series with nationally recognized speakers to provide continuing education credits for professional designations.
  • The Selected Leader newsletter featuring insurance marketing tips, contest results, calendar of events, and articles concerning current interest topics in both the insurance industry and funeral profession.
  • Counselor and Agent Professional Training to provide comprehensive training designed and presented by our experienced Sales Management team. The program includes specialized manuals, presentation materials, and sales tools.
  • Burial Association Administration program to provide you the opportunity to combine your burial association membership with your insurance policyowners into one integrated periodic billing notice for each member/policy owner.

A few of the Selected Seminar Speakers— From top: Dr. Cal LeMon, President of Executive Enrichment, Springfield, MO; Carol Lynn Green, Esq., NFDA's Environmental Affairs expert, Bethesda, MD; and T. Scott Gilligan, Esq., NFDA General Counsel, Cincinnati, OH.


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