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SFLIC has a clear purpose. It is to provide the funeral profession an effective insurance program that serves their needs.

The SFLIC mission is "to be the premier life insurance company in our markets with a deserved reputation for excellence in serving our policyholders and the funeral profession." At the very foundation of our mission is our corporate theme: Pursuit of Excellence and Growth, adopted in 1987. It expresses the commitment SFLIC has to the funeral profession, and foremost, to the policyowners themselves.

For everyone in our organization, this theme is a powerful message. Our pursuit means working to improve our business, approaching the future with an inner drive to do our best, searching for new and better ways to do things and pursuing higher levels of personal and corporate achievements.

As it is with personal improvement, our pursuit will be gradual, a never ending process. For every goal accomplished, there will be infinitely more to reach.

We will keep working hard, knowing our pursuit will be rewarded. Our commitment is to do our best — and then do better. This is our goal, our mission, our challenge.

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